Don't let pharma corporations ruin your health

Something has gone wrong with the pharmaceutical industry and the patent system. Medicines that can be produced at very low cost and could save millions of lives are rationed and sold at exorbitant prices for corporate profit. Epidemics which could be eradicated spread and result in deaths. Patent restrictions prevent affordable and safe generic cures from entering the market. Some governments are starting to act by allowing generics into their healthcare system, but many continue to bend to Big Pharma. What will it take to topple this system?

A telling example: the hepatitis C problem

Generics are an alternative

Generic Sofosbuvir is manufactured by smaller pharmaceutical companies in countries with no patent restrictions such as Egypt, India and Bangladesh. In countries where patents exist, it is most often legal to import up to 12 weeks' worth of prescription medicine for personal use. When sourced through safe and reliable channels, these generic cures are made with the same quality as drugs made by Gilead and are available for a fraction of the cost.

How to get generics

It is legal to import generics into most countries

Pharma rebels tell their stories

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Debate between Gilead and Pharma Rebels

Generics vs Gilead

PRESS RELEASE - 5 October 2017 Peng and access to medicine activists respond to Gilead’s claim that high prices for hepatitis C drugs are not curbing access Today Peng! Collective together with Global Justice Now, STOPAIDS, Treatment Action Group and Universities Allied for Essential Medicines refute Gilead Sciences’ claim that high prices are not the cause of restricted access to hepatitis C (hep C) medicine in the UK.

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